circa1910 is very proud to announce our ongoing Role Model Call. We will be featuring different women on a regular basis, who show great skill at being beautiful, from the inside out. We will be taking professional portraits of our role models in our historic 1800s studio located in downtown Beaufort. We want to make you feel like a shining star!

As women, we have too much media screaming at us to be taller, more thin, more curvy, more outgoing, flirtier, or to wear this or that- and not enough of someone whispering in our ear: You are worthy. You are intelligent. You are enough.

It dawned on me today that I sometimes give into this worldly idea of beauty.

I don’t whisper nearly enough.

So tell me, do you tell your daughter she is beautiful? Or do you tell her she is fearless, kind-hearted, giving, respectful, charismatic, generous, compassionate, empathetic? Your inner beauty shines outward like a hundred rays of sunlight, whispers of kindness warmly beaming down for her to grow and grow and grow and grow…

When you give a compliment, remember to praise the person’s hand-written story on the pages inside, not the cover they were given.

How it works:
-Apply to be a 'role model' through the application below.
-If we feel you would be a great fit for our campaign, we will work with you on outfits, provide you with jewelry for the shoot, and write a post telling your background and what makes you, well...beautiful you.
-You will receive several beautiful photos that make you feel like a rockstar, to use on your social media pages or print.
-We'll keep you in mind for future shoots and campaigns!
-We want REAL women, just like you. Curves, scars, stretchmarks. 22 years old or 88 years young. The palest pale to the darkest dark skin tones and everything in between. Size 4 or size 14. Long hair, short hair, don't care- we want YOU, exactly as you are. Doesn't matter your size- jewelry always fits ;)


Thank you for believing in our mission to empower women.

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