Wholesale Pick Box

We want our retailers to see the quality of our jewelry and the attention to detail in person. It's not always convenient to take time away from your shop to go to a trade show, so we're coming to you in the easiest way possible.


Here's how it works:

Fill out the form below. When we receive your form, call for a credit card and charge just $1 for validity, then ship you a pick box full of your requested samples within 2 weeks.

Once you receive the box, go through it and decide what will work for your store. Fill out the included order form with what you will be keeping, then re-package what you don't wish to keep and affix the included return shipping label to the outside. Schedule a pickup with, or drop your package off at, the nearest FedEx within 7 days of receiving it. Once we have the package back, we'll contact you for payment. You will only be charged the initial $1 verification, and for your order (should you decide to keep anything.)

That's it!

circa1910 pays for shipping both ways. There's literally no risk to you; there is no minimum and no commitment to keep the samples you requested. Why? Because we whole-heartedly believe in our product, our mission, and our brand- and we just know you'll love it too.

Click here to view our current line sheet to fill out your pick box wish list below.

I'm Ready- Send Me a Box!

Please enter the names of the pieces you wish to receive. Don't forget to include your color choice and the quantity for each item. Click on our line sheet above to see a full price list and view photos of our line.
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Shipping Address
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I understand that I will be charged $1 for credit card verification and that the $1 is non-refundable. I give circa1910 permission to keep this card on file should I want to use it for future orders. I understand I will be contacted by circa1910 before a charge is made for my order. I understand that I am responsible for the return of the items I do not wish to keep, and will return them in the new condition that they were shipped to me in. I will drop off or have my return package picked up within 7 days of receipt of delivery to me, or I will pay a small late fee of $10 for every 5 days it is late (unless I have decided to keep everything inside.) I have verified that the above information is true and correct and I am the representative of the above-stated retail store.