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the mission

Our mission is to make every woman feel beautiful, from the inside out. A circa1910 woman is positive, inspiring, thought-evoking. She builds up others around her and is a light to those who need one. She knows that she can make a difference in the world and limitations are only made to be broken. She is not a supermodel, and does not aspire to be one. She knows that true beauty radiates from within. She is you.

  In every one of a kind design, you can find a hidden freshwater pearl, reminding you to always look for the beauty in life. Find your pearl… and if you can’t find it, be the Pearl.

One-of-a-kind jewelry created from repurposed antique pieces + authentic gemstones.

One-of-a-kind jewelry created from repurposed antique pieces + authentic gemstones.

the why

When you choose our brand, you're choosing individuality. You're reminding yourself that you are enough- that you are unique and beautiful just as you are. circa1910 is more than just a brand, we are a lifestyle.

the team

Every piece of circa1910 is hand-crafted in a small historic studio in Beaufort, South Carolina. Our hand-selected team is composed of awesome women who show love and kindness and compassion in every way possible. We strive to have the greatest customer service so when you choose to work with circa1910, you are also making a few new friends along the way. At circa1910, you will never meet an unfamiliar face (or email signature). Call on us by a first name basis, that's what we live for.


the style

Every single vintage element is hand-picked by our designer on her travels. From the time it is chosen, it is taken back to the studio to be cleaned, repaired and sorted. We have an antique printing cabinet chock full of ready-to-be-picked vintage items just waiting for their perfect gemstone pairing. Our vintage items are given a second chance at a joyful, fulfilling life where they will be greatly cherished.

We create stories with our designs, sometimes choosing to create "sister" products that are very similar in style; don't be fooled though, each of our designs will always remain one-of-a-kind, just like our customers.



the designer

My great-great-grandmother's name was Pearl. She was everything to me, and even though I was only 14 when she passed, I have loved her my whole life. A crude sense of humor, a fireball of a woman, only loved one man her whole life, southern and beautiful with a laugh that you can't help but smile thinking of it, classy with drive and intuition, quick-witted, and one heck of a cook; you just had to know her to fully experience what an impact she was. She was everything I can ever hope to be.

I grew up with people telling me that I inherited her weird sense of humor and creativity. She could sew, quilt, stitch, and put together anything you could dream up. I still sleep with one of her heavy old quilts during the winter. I'll pull it out of my antique trunk and take in every earthy aroma and think of sitting on her lap, sneaking sips of her coffee while we watched Wheel of Fortune. I started circa1910 with the hopes that I could better channel the independence and drive that she passed down to me. I don't want to lose her memory. I won't let it slip away.

The word 'circa' means to have originated around a certain time period. My great-great-grandmother was born in, you guessed it, 1910. I started this company in 2013 but I believe the fire to do great things and make an impact on others began long before, 103 years to be exact. With each piece of handmade jewelry, I instill a little piece of my heart and a little bit of my grandmother's legacy. You can even find a hidden freshwater pearl in all of our necklaces as a commemoration of her memory. I hope you enjoy your unique piece of circa1910 jewelry as much as I enjoy making it.

xo - Kayla