Perhaps This is The Moment

Have you ever had something happen in your life that was a 'pinch me' kind of moment? Not just something that makes your day, or week, but something that goes above and beyond and makes the 'Top 3 Moments' list in the reel of magical memories that play in your mind?

When I started circa1910, I hoped for this moment. Wished and prayed and cried out...if I was meant to have a brand that went above and beyond to reach women, really speak to their souls, I was going to need some help. This company has been my everything for four and a half long, long years. Tears equally intertwined with moments of jumping up and down, working a stressful full time job then coming home to make jewelry and send emails until 1am. Chugging coffee and spending grocery money on new beads because I needed them and it seemed logical at the time. Doing everything I could to make sure I succeeded in the only thing I've ever known I wanted to do as a career: make a difference in somebody's life. If all went well, hopefully more than one somebody. So for years, I hustled until I felt like I just couldn't go on, and then I kept going because my family and friends were the gasoline to my metaphorical broken down little car. Sometimes they had to push me to a gas station so I could learn to fill my own tank, but they still kept moving me forward. This announcement is so much more than a 'moment' in my life. It is the open door to which I have been searching, knocking on any door I thought might be right, to keep circa1910 moving forward.

This is just the beginning of a success story for a tiny little company that was started by a broke 22 year old. She had a mission to empower women through self-confidence and to make a difference, no matter how big or small the outcome. She saved up $200 over the course of 2 months to buy her first set of gemstone beads. Today, she is proud to announce that her little bitty company is about to grow just a little bit more. You see, a few months ago, the story of her unique little bus boutique was picked up by a major, nationwide publication. They had originally planned to do a small feature on just the bus but when they heard the story of how circa1910 came to be, what it stood for, what the mission was, how the jewelry was made, they didn't take it lightly. The executive editor listened to this girl cry on the phone while telling the story of each individual puzzle piece that makes up the large picture of circa1910. They stretched a cool little story on a remodeled vintage bus, into a full blown, 4-page spread and website feature on circa1910 as a whole. On Tuesday, August 8th, 2017, the humble tale of this little handmade jewelry company will be all over the country.

So when you run to your nearest grocery store, pick up a copy of the Romantic Homes Magazine September issue, and see a familiar little bus with that unique sparkling jewelry that you love, please be sure to say a little prayer for all of the others who pick up the same magazine. Pray for self-love. Pray for self-acceptance. Pray for those who battle emotional and physical scars on a daily basis. Pray that someone, anyone, is touched by our story and our mission with this platform we have been graciously given.

We are so beyond thankful, grateful, humbled, for this unbelievable opportunity. We thank you for following along with our beautiful little company. For the prayers and constant kindness, for the daily reminders of why we do what we do, for the shared celebrations and unfailing encouragement- we wouldn't be about to embark on this magical journey if it weren't for your cheers and hugs and relentless kindness. 

Stay tuned for more exciting doors to open; something, someone, tells me this is just the beginning. (Also be sure to sign up for our email newsletter and keep an eye on our social media accounts for a big giveaway, a total website restock of nearly 100 pieces, and a fantastic discount- all in preparation for the magazine release.)


xoxo in the most sincere way,


I would like to thank Jo-Anne Coletti for taking notice of our cute little Melvin the Mini Bus, Margie Dombrowski for writing our beautiful feature, Vicki Smith for the suggestion that I reach out to RHM, Kristen Scott of The 2654 Project for the ridiculously gorgeous photographs, Amy DeVito of Amy Beth Events & Design for providing and arranging the gorgeous florals, and Gabby Todesco for doing my makeup (because I don't know how!).

"Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created." - Esther 4:14