circa1910 is a hand-crafted jewelry line founded with the intentions of
spreading the awareness of unrealized and untapped beauty. 

Every piece of circa1910 jewelry is completely one-of-a-kind and created by a single designer. You will always feel that your piece was made specifically for you, because it was. Antique and vintage treasures are sourced from all over the US, and repurposed into totally unique pieces of modern art that capture the wearer’s spirit and inner beauty, so that it may be seen from the outside. 

“My heart and good intentions breathe life into my designs. My soul shines up old objects and gives them a new purpose. circa1910 was named after my great-great-grandmother, Pearl, because she has been the influence of my entire existence. I knew I had to name this company, this passion, after her because she inspired it, even before I was born. In commemoration of my dear grandmother, you can sometimes find a hidden freshwater pearl in my designs. I hope this reminds you to find the beauty in the ordinary. Find your pearl…and if you can’t find it, be the pearl.”