Role Model Call - Amanda

What do you wish more women realized?

I wish that women realized that it is not a competition, and we can all coexist and be better for it. There is a perfect job out there, a fabulous home, a wonderful adventure, and amazing relationships waiting for each one of us. We just need to let down our guard and become ourselves. I find that women try to fight so hard to be the next girl that they lose who they are and then aren't happy.


Do you have a mantra that you live by?

I have several! *eye roll* - right now I am taken by a biblical/artist reference 1 Corinthians 16:14 & Vincent Van Gogh both state Do everything in love...if it comes from a place of betterment or a positive position it can't be bad. Take every situation and apply won't go wrong, I promise.


Do you mind sharing you insecurities, either physical or emotional?

I don't mind sharing once my outer protective shell is cracked. I'm a bit guarded at first, but once I feel the person is coming from a genuine place, I'm totally open to answer pretty much anything.


How do you fight to overcome those insecurities?

I try to create, be proactive, make a difference. I tend to overwork and pour myself into whatever my focus is at the time. Even if my focus only lasts five minutes, I am completely enthralled for that time span. Until I move to the next beautiful tornado that I create. Being in control (which is such a joke) of whatever I am working on, be it work related or a painting or something keeps my mind busy and off the worry of what I may perceive that I am lacking.


How do you hope to see women affected by your Role Model Call photoshoot?

I want to see women out of their comfort zone. Try something that you never would! I am 100% adverse to having my photo taken but Circa 1910 and the story behind her jewelry gave me that little extra push that I wish more of us would give one another. It could be a beautiful thing if you just let your guard down for just a second.

See Amanda's photoshoot below: