To Thrift-finity and Beyond

Do you ever have one of those days that just makes you laugh? Almost like the whole entire universe lined up to make your day just a little bit brighter right when you needed it. Today was that day for me. I had been planning all week to take today off and do something I haven't had the time to do in 4 months: hit up all my favorite local thrift stores. To some that may sound like a longggg day, because let's face it, you could spend all day in and out of thrift stores and walk away empty-handed. I'll admit, I do get a 'thrift find high' as I like to call it, when I score something really great but I go mostly for the thrill of it. I decided to make today all about me (rarely done) and instead of going to a spa or shopping for clothing like most normal women, I participated in what can only be described as "thrift-tail therapy."

I had barely walked 3 feet into my first stop when I see a beaded strand that catches my eye. I didn't notice the necklace itself right away but when I did, I called Matt immediately. The necklace was handmade by a local lady I am all too familiar with, as she is notorious for stealing others' designs (mine included), adding a small change, and claiming it as her own. The $90 necklace was in the thrift store for $4 but half off because it hadn't sold. I bought it for $2 because, why not? I loved the stone beads! I am definitely not mocking anyone but sometimes the universe reminds me that karma is real and if "you put good in, you get good out." Always be honest and kind; your actions will come back to either make you better, or make you bitter.

I found a few cool things at my next stop including an antique silver tray with the antique store price tag of $75 but I scored it for just $5. When I was checking out, the lady admired my engagement ring and asked about the wedding. When she asked the date, I chose to say April because we still aren't sure of the exact date. She exclaimed, "No way! April what?" So I told her we were thinking the 21st. Her eyes lit up like sparklers and she excitedly said, "Oh! That's my anniversary!" We laughed at the strange coincidence and upon finding out more details of how we had to move our original date that was supposed to be this year in October, she stopped laughing, looked me in the eyes and put her hand on mine, and said, "You're not going to believe husband and I originally planned our wedding for October and a few months beforehand, we moved it to April 21st..." We were both stunned. You know what is amazing? Had this lady not been so friendly and warm in conversation, I would never have found out how similar our circumstances were. I'd like to think it was a little reminder to open up to strangers and be friendly...and also that I have not been forgotten about. I think God thought I needed that little laugh and reminder that "every little thing's gonna be alright."

I also saw my mother-in-law's Hispanic doppelgänger and ran up to hug her only to realize at the last second that was not that made me laugh. I tried to take a picture to send to Matt and the lady caught me but was nice about it. A middle-aged man behind me at Starbucks asked if I "was still growing or if that's the tallest you're ever gonna get?" Then he thought I was 16 years old. Didn't bother me, I just chocked it up to good genes. Oh! I almost forgot. I did find a pair of authentic suede German lederhosen and almost bought them but they weren't my size.

Hope your Friday was just as entertaining as mine was!