CEO - Caretaking Essential Officer

Let me start off by saying that I am not a mother, nor do I plan to become one anytime soon. I am just a strong admirer and onlooker of all the mothers in my life. I don't have a first-hand experience in raising a child and being responsible for the entire life of another human, what a high-pressure job that is! I personally believe that mothers should get more than one day a year to be celebrated, dads too. We don't thank them enough for all they do for us in our adult lives, and we sure as hell don't thank them enough for cleaning our dirty diapers, chasing us around the house, rescuing us from drinking bleach, throwing ourselves on the floor crying when we didn't get that toy at Wal-Mart, showing up at ever softball game and yelling out our names for encouragement even though we were busy picking flowers off in right field. (Stolen experience from mine and my sibling's you ma!)

So here's to the moms who make running a family look like a piece of cake, even though it probably feels more like a stale cheeto or five left behind in a mini van full of mismatched socks, 2 barbies with tangled purple marker-ridden hair, 14 jackets, 3 french fries from a year ago and half of a melted lollipop that was screamed for at the bank teller window.


I imagine being a mom is probably a lot like running a small business:

-No potty or lunch breaks without someone needing you something urgent and calling you a hundred times.

-Vacations and road trips usually require more work to go away than they are worth

-You can't cut yourself a paycheck because you'd go broke with all the overtime you put in.

-There's no such thing as 'down time'. Even when you're away, trying to get a much-needed break, you're still wondering what the kids are up to and asking Nana to send over pictures.

-You try your hardest but there's always going to be an unhappy customer that didn't like something you worked your tail off for. The toddler wanted green beans so you made green beans and now the toddler hates green beans and is throwing a tantrum on the floor in your dust pile from this morning you forgot to sweep up because the toddler was throwing a tantrum then, too.

-You always put others before yourself. Need to go to bed because it's 1am and the baby is finally down? Too bad, laundry...or working on that large order...has to be finished by the morning because tomorrow has it's own loads of work waiting on you.

-Understanding a customer's very specific needs is often a challenge but you always seem to get it right in the end. "Ahnnihfyabfhlakfnlpthhhhhh" ...."Ahh Okay you want a banana?"

-The benefits may not be monetary but they're just as sweet and rewarding nonetheless.

-Often times the job requires handling situations that make your stomach turn just thinking about, but someone has to do it. Little Vicky had a blowout in Bi-Lo and now you have to try and utilize baby wipes, and a sink that hasn't been cleaned since 1993, to try and manage the mess? Oh, and they don't have a changing table set up. Greeaaaattt.

-You usually can't afford brand new things for a reason: That beautiful couch you saved for now has slice marks down the back of it because little Matthew found your nail file. (True story- my fiance actually did this as a child.)


The truth is, no one can do what you do quite like you can, Mom. You may stay at home, or you may have a career, but you're still a full-time mom. You care about your 'customers' and you'd do anything to keep them happy.


Here's to you and all the hard work you put in, without ever expecting a dime in return.