Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself

"My name is Hov, oh, H to the O-V"

Anyone? No one? Just me?

Oh, alright then. Thanks anyway, Jay Z. You can go now.

 Vera Gayazov Photography

Vera Gayazov Photography

In light of the recent social media blowing up craziness (hello, really not crazy at all. More like AWESOMENESS), I thought I'd introduce myself for all of the circaNewbies. Welcome the family! Take off your shoes and stay a little while. Tell me a little about yourself! In the meantime, I'll tell you a little bit about me.

My name is Kayla and I am the 26 year old co-owner of the jewelry company and vintage bus boutique, circa1910. Together with my fiancé, Matt, and our three rescue pups, we are trying to build a platform to encourage and instill self confidence in women. I am a huge advocate for empowering women and reiterating the fundamental fact: you are MORE than enough.

 Vera Gayazov Photography

Vera Gayazov Photography

I founded circa1910 jewelry in April of 2013, after my mom told me that she had been diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. (Holla! for being cancer-free for 2.5 years now!) I have always, always wanted to own a business and I knew I wanted it to be about more than just making a profit- I wanted it to have a purpose and to have meaning behind it.


So, I saved up for 2 months to purchase $200 in gemstone beads. My designs starting out were not good. They were well made but not um...aesthetically pleasing (to be nice to myself). At least, they weren't me. I was told that repurposed vintage jewelry would not sell, so I steered clear of what my heart really wanted to design. After becoming slightly successful with my new business, I just wasn't happy, so I said "screw you" to all the negative opinions and began creating what I truly wanted to- one of a kind jewelry with vintage elements. There is something so magical about finding a piece of forgotten broken jewelry and giving it a new life to be loved and cherished once again. I keep everything one of a kind to remind the beautiful ladies who I meet on a daily basis, you are unique. You are loved. You are cherished. You are enough.



I named the company in honor of my great-great-grandmother. She was alive until I was 14 years old and because my mom was a single working mother for a good bit of my young life, my grandmothers helped to raise me. I absolutely wouldn't be as strong-willed and passion-driven person I am today without being raised by four, yes four, incredibly strong women I know as love as my mother and grandmothers. My great-great-grandmother was creative and talented and ladylike with a crude sense of humor. She was hilarious and awesome and so very lovely. Her name was Pearl so in every single necklace and bracelet by circa1910, you can find a small hidden freshwater pearl, reminding you to look for the beauty in life and in every situation. #findyourpearl - that's our thing :)

 One of our rescue pups- River. A Great Pyrenees + Spaniel mix. Found by animal control and won over in a court case.

One of our rescue pups- River. A Great Pyrenees + Spaniel mix. Found by animal control and won over in a court case.



Here are some random facts about me just for fun:


•I hate ice cream

•I love baby animals, doesn't matter what it is- chances are I'll try and snuggle with it

•All three of my dogs are rescues who were either abused or neglected

•I would have 57 rescues if Matt (and our house size) would allow it

•I like really good erasers

•I eat cold leftovers for breakfast. Doesn't even have to be breakfast food. Steak and potatoes? Sign me up.

•I have an undiagnosed gastrointestinal disorder that has affected me nearly my whole life

•Most of my clothes are from thrift and consignment stores but I don't skimp on shoes or jewelry. Gimme all the Frye, Lucky, Free People and circa1910.

•I started out by sewing beads onto paper and clothing as a kid, then eventually moved onto bigger necklaces. Maybe beaded paper will come out for my new Etsy store lol

•I identify as Christian but don't bring none of that political mumbo jumbo my way. I love my gays, love people of all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, nationalities, don't matter. I love 'em all. Except if you're mean, then I don't like you just because of that. You like puppies and antique books too? Cool, let's be friends.

•I moved to Nashville, TN when I was 19 to pursue a songwriting career. I knew no one, it was 6.5 hours from my home town, and I made it work somehow. With a lot of tears and my dog and cold Spaghettio's mostly. I still play guitar occasionally and would love to start writing again.

•A good glass of iced coffee and a good writing pen are all I need to succeed

•I'm very shy. Like, really, very, super. I've become better since starting circa1910 by a long shot but I still have my moments. Get to know me though and I'll have you laughing. I'd like think so at least.

•I have four siblings! I'm the oldest.

•I didn't meet my biological father or his family until I was 21. Whaaaat.

•Always down for a nap.

•Chocolate covered donuts (the store-bought, pre-made kind) are my jam.

•I'm 5'1" and half Italian

•I still tell 'your mother' jokes like a 12 year old boy in 1999.

•I love all music and can appreciate so much from nearly every genre.

•I'm getting married in October this year! We've been engaged for a YEAR this coming weekend and we still don't have anything planned except the venue and the photographer (shout out to my homie Vera Gayazov Photography)

 Emmy, a Rottweiler mix cutie with short little legs. Found emaciated on someone's doorstep.

Emmy, a Rottweiler mix cutie with short little legs. Found emaciated on someone's doorstep.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading my random thoughts and catching up on a little behind-the-scenes circa1910 action. Until next time...