Army Green + Navy

I was too excited to stop by local coffee shop, Pluff Mudd, yesterday and grab a frozen treat before dinner. I threw together this outfit and had it on in about 3 minutes because basic pieces are my go-to and are always easy to dress up or down or mix and match.

The way I see it, clothing fades or goes out of style. You can grow out of it mentally and physically. The key is to spend less on clothing itself and instead, invest in quality accessories that will last you a lifetime. Shoes, belts, jewelry- it's all in the details. I'm not just saying that because I, myself, make jewelry. I have always been a firm believer that outfits are truly made great through the creative and clever use of add-ons.

For example, since my fiancee and myself are pretty big 'car people', say you go to a used car lot. You want a nice looking car but all of the ones there are fairly basic. They are exactly what you know you need but there's just something missing. You can pay more for an expensive looking car at a new dealership and break the bank, or you can buy a less expensive one, same quality, and modify it to make it match your personality. Add tinted windows, nice rims, maybe a paint job and there you have it! 

Same car, different perspective.

Would you believe me if I told you this whole outfit (minus the jewelry) cost less than $30?

Outfit and jewelry details are down below!

Shop the Look:

•Tee is American Eagle from their Soft & Sexy Collection and I got it on a big sale at an outlet mall. (Softest shirt you could ever own)
•Vest is a few years old from Old Navy and I scored this at a second hand store for $6. They don't have anything else similar but I found this one at Macy's that is on serious sale.
•Boyfriend jeans are also by American Eagle but I bought these at TJ Maxx for $16.
•Boots are made by Rocket Dog but I scored these at a thrift store, brand new, on sale for $2!!


Make it Better Necklace - Antique Coin
Middle Necklace Coming Soon to
•Bracelet coming soon to