Inspiration Not Imitation

You are an original. Everything about you is unique. You are one-of-a-kind and created with a purpose in mind. Don't spend your days wandering about, following someone else's path just because you need a direction. Be patient. You will find your way, and you will go somewhere great.

When you choose someone else's path over waiting to find your own, nothing is genuine. You are imitating what someone else does, hoping to make it to your destination on false terms. You can recreate and copy every single move someone makes, but it will never be your own. Even if you do make it to their destiny, your life will be confusing and disorienting. You'll never know of all the great things you, and only you, were meant to do. People will only say, "Oh, that person is a copy, not an original." (There's a reason first edition books are worth so much more than the latter.)

Choose to stay true to yourself. Choose to remain confident in what makes you great and different. Choose to take inspiration from, but never imitate, other's journeys and what they do. We all have a divine destiny here on this earth; you will never be able to follow directly in another's footsteps to try and make it to yours. If someone inspires you, ask them questions. Let them know they inspire you and you would like to be taught. Don't work in the shadows, trying to keep your imitation a secret. Even the shadows will be revealed when the sunlight comes.

They say the grass is always greener, but yours just needs fertilizing. Take care of your own lawn, water it daily, tend to it, grow and develop it and you will go far. Abandoning your grass only means that when you come back to it (and you'll always have to come back to it), it will only be dried up and sparse. Don't let jealousy be the reason you leave your own lawn. Develop yourself, grow yourself.

Be happy for other's whose lawn is beautiful; it doesn't mean yours can't be too. Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery. Inspiration, however, is.