Savannah, GA- The Hauntingly Beautiful Bull St. Mansion

We took a day trip down to Savannah to do some treasure hunting for circa1910. Amongst the many antique stores we visited, Alex Raskin Antiques on Bull Street was, by far, the most memorable.

Imagine being able to walk into the supposedly largest mansion in Savannah. Not only that, but it is also un-restored. Paint peeling and wallpaper revealing layer underneath. Grand chandeliers accompanied by crystal doorknobs and cobwebs. Now imagine that you are pretty much alone in this huge Victorian house (because it truly feels that way, it's so large), with remnants of the past piled high around you, literally. Furniture that dates back to the 1400s is piled on top of each other but doesn't even remotely begin to reach the 20+ foot ceilings. Now imagine that you are able to venture into nearly all aspects of the house, basement to attic. Except there is no attic. Instead, there's a tiny hidden room about 4ft by 4 ft that has a panoramic, decorative window-filled view of nearly all of Savannah. This, is Alex Raskin Antiques. If you're ever in the area, make sure this is a priority on your list. Don't forget your camera! And don't forget that you are probably never truly alone in this house...After all, Savannah is one of the most haunted places in the United States. 

Here's just a few of the hundred or so pictures I took while venturing about this incredible place. 

Have you ever been to this hauntingly beautiful mansion? What did you think? Did you have any ghostly encounters? I'd love to know your experience!