Floral & Stripes- Easter 2015

This Easter, I decided to 'mix' things up a bit with my wardrobe. I opted to face my fears and go for a look I'm definitely not used to: mixing prints. I am all about tons of texture, especially when it comes to lace and leather, but prints are out of my comfort zone. I went to TJ Maxx with a mission and I don't feel like I failed...I'm in love with this outfit and I definitely see myself mixing more prints in the future.

I found this floral top with hues of blues, black and white. I chose it in one size too big because I knew I'd want to tuck it into whatever skirt or pants I found. I searched the skirt rack but found nothing in my size so I wandered over to the junior section. I picked out a tulip skirt with very thin black and white stripes. Even though the length was perfect for me and the fit was great, the price was the best part. How can you beat $12.99 for a staple like this!?

I love how the fabric peaks in the front. It adds just a touch of sexy without going overboard. That's definitely something I want to avoid on Easter!

I chose to add a pop of color with my red Nine West slingback heels. (PS, getting these photos on the beach, in heels, was not easy! Lol)
I added my vintage Coach purse, because we all know I have to add some vintage somewhere.

I chose circa1910's antique chandelier and locket necklace layered on top of the dainty gold 'Old Soul' layers. You can find them available online here and here
I love how the light layering adds a bit of interest without adding too much, especially when you're mixing prints.

How do you mix your prints? Let me know in the comments below!


Beautiful photos by Christi Clark Photography