Dinner for Two

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised when I came home from a long day and noticed the display table from my office was missing. When I questioned Matt about its whereabouts, he simply gestured toward the top of the stairs, with a sly grin on his face. 

I opened the door to our loft bedroom to find a quaint bistro-style setup, complete with red roses, baby's breath (my favorite) and a sweet anniversary card.

He proceeded to tell me the menu for the evening: bacon wrapped steak, baked sweet potatoes, roasted cauliflower, aged Californian moscato and triple layer chocolate cake. He quickly went downstairs to finish dinner.

Being the sweet person he is, he didn't want me to help with dinner so I set about taking pictures to capture a moment I wanted to cherish forever. 

Matt later revealed that he had spent all of his free time earlier that day running all over town to gather the things necessary to create this dreamy date. Our brightly printed regular dinner napkins wouldn't  attribute to the overall tone of the table so he set out to find other ones, along with stemless wine glasses (we didn't have anything but my mason mar mugs!) and hand-selected flowers from a local flower shop that he cut and arranged in large mason jars.

Dinner was spectacular! Thankfully, Matt and I are opposite when it comes to household duties. He loves to cook and I love to clean! It always works out, as I despise cooking.

After dinner, we talked and laughed and shared stories of when we first started dating a year ago. Our awkward but funny first date turned into owning a house and sharing a love and life that I couldn't dream of trading for the world.

Later on, we shared our favorite guilty pasttime and took a short trip to Dunkin Donuts for large iced coffees!

Roscoe knew about the whole surprise but had kept quiet. I didn't suspect a thing!

He wanted in on the pictures too ;)

I am so thankful for the beautiful love and support I get to experience on a day to day basis.
Unwavering, unfaltering, captivating and euphoria-inducing love that makes me constantly wonder what I ever did to deserve such a thing.