Vintage Sheet Music Display

When my parents were renovating their house, they came across a big stack of old sheet music from 1934. Not sure what to do with it, it remained hidden in a cabinet for years. My mom recently brought it up in conversation and I nearly jumped for joy. I had completely forgotten about those slightly yellowed papers that I loved as a child. She dug them out of their hiding place and handed my the entire stack. She knew she wouldn't get any use of them but the wheels in my mind immediately started turning.

Matt and I were about to close on our first house and I was trying to come up with all sorts of inexpensive DIY decor that also tied in our personalities and our backgrounds. Seeing that we were going to have to do some renovating ourselves, I knew I had to have a cool display of these pages of sheet music. As it turns out, the church where the sheet music was from was actually a church that my mom worked at years and years later. It was a full circle and that was special to me.

I have a love for glass bottles and jars and knew that was the direction I wanted to head in. I found a neat glass contained at TJ Maxx for $10 that had a pretty base and an ornate top to match that reminded me of the Victorian Era. When I got home, I rolled the thin papers into tight tubes and tied them off with jute. I used hair clips to help hold the tube in place so I could keep them rolled fairly tight. I filled the jar with 16 tubes and still had more than half the stack left!

You can usually find old sheet music at antique stores but if you can't find any (or don't feel like searching), I would suggest using old book pages instead. You can find tons of old books at thrift stores, usually for under $1. Just make sure the book you choose isn't worth anything first (a quick search on eBay can help with that!) 
I know I'd really like the look of book pages. There would be more words in plain sight than the sheet music and the slightly rugged and weathered edges will add more interest.
You could also choose to use a completely different container. Maybe a small wicker basket or a vintage glass bottle. I would love to add a rolled up page into a glass bottle to give it a 'message in a bottle' type deal.

Let me know if you decided to give this project a try!