How to Always Look Lovely

I learned a life lesson at the tiny post office in town today.

The woman working behind the counter was beautiful. You could tell from her long dark hair and tanned skin that she was probably Hawaiian. She was middle-aged and had a bright smile. While she entered each of my packages into the computer, I made a comment about how pretty her hair was. "I wish my hair looked like yours."

She softly laughed as she stopped what she was doing to look right at me. "Isn't it funny how something you dislike about yourself could be someone else's envy? I was just thinking to myself how I wish I had your blonde hair and light eyes. We always want what we don't have."

As someone who constantly compares herself to others in every aspect in life, and battles with confidence on a daily basis, it was startling to me to learn that someone else envied me. How could anyone want to look like me?

My mind was racing on the drive back home. I couldn't get over how much her comment had touched me. Why did I always want to look like someone else? Why couldn't I be happy with myself? 

It was then that I decided to take control and put my best effort into being beautiful. I didn't plan to go out to buy new makeup or schedule a hair appointment for highlights. No. I realized that making other people feel good about themselves made you a more beautiful person on the inside, and that is more important than anything you could ever do to yourself on the outside. 

I made a decision to make everyone feel beautiful, any chance I got because you never know who you might touch with a simple smile and a kind word. The happy lady at the post office today turned my day around.

Go spread kindness, go be beautiful, do great things and the good in life will always find it's way back to you. And then, my friends, will you know how to truly be content with who you are, and what you have. Then, you will always look lovely.