Side effects may include: unexplained joy, an appreciation for your new self-love, staring at yourself in passing mirrors, endless compliments, and a newfound realization that you are more than good enough.

 Photo by  The 2654 Project  of circa1910's renovated vintage school bus jewelry store.

Photo by The 2654 Project of circa1910's renovated vintage school bus jewelry store.

We are a hand-crafted jewelry company hell-bent on making a difference in the way women view themselves. The media, the world, our own minds, all make us feel unworthy or less than. circa1910 is putting a stop to that, one piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry at a time. Our jewelry is like your best friend, constantly reminding you that you're beautiful just as you are.

We offer designs to suit every style. Whether you prefer the simple classics, sparkling beaded, or rustic and edgy, one thing is certain:

You've never seen jewelry like this before.

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